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Glassblowing is an exquisite art form that has been practiced for centuries. Discover all the detail and creativity that goes into every piece by visiting our extensive glassblowing gallery.

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Hand-Blown Glass

Customize your home with one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass pieces from Glasshouse-Studio. We offer everything from incredible blown glass chandeliers, to detailed decorative platters.



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Our Story

Glasshouse-Studio is dedicated to fostering the design, creation, and exploration of hand-blown glass. We are a specialized glassblowing studio located in the glass capital of the world, Seattle, Washington. If you are curious about the ancient art of glassblowing, we encourage you to visit our gallery. There, you'll discover the works of talented artists, as well as witness live glassblowing demonstrations.

We have very high standards of quality, and the work we display features a close attention to detail. The artists at Glasshouse Studio invite you to observe and reflect upon their work, and consider adding it to your personal collection.

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